Your intestines get tired in the summer?! That summer fatigue may be due to intestinal fatigue.


Many people may have lost their appetite due to the intense heat.

In addition to the heat, I often hear people say that they can't get rid of the so-called air-conditioning sickness caused by the indoor air conditioner.

It is said that when it's hot and you lose your appetite or eat a lot of cold food for a long time, your digestive function tends to deteriorate. A condition in which digestive function is impaired is called ``intestinal fatigue.''

Could it be “intestinal fatigue”? 5 self-checkpoints

So, what kind of condition is intestinal fatigue? Even if you are aware that something is wrong, you may not be able to figure out the cause.

1. Continued diarrhea or constipation

If the condition or frequency of your bowel movements is different from usual, there is a high possibility that your intestinal environment is disturbed. It occurs when you are unable to eat the foods and amounts you normally eat due to loss of appetite due to the heat, and your eating habits become disordered.

2. I started taking supplements because I felt tired in the summer.

When your appetite decreases, you don't get enough calories and nutrients. This will reduce your stamina, make you tired in the summer, and accelerate intestinal fatigue.

It can also occur when you try to make up for what you can't eat with supplements that you are not used to taking. If your body is not in a healthy state, it may be difficult for your body to absorb it, so when taking supplements, be sure to consult your doctor or pharmacist at a drug store or other professional advice before taking them.

3, fart smells

If the intestinal environment is disturbed, your farts may have a putrid odor. I have no appetite, can't eat, and my stomach and intestines should be empty, so why does it smell? You may think so, but the balance of gastric and intestinal juices may also be disrupted.

It can also cause more gas to build up than necessary, causing abdominal pain. In that case, please see a hospital.

4. I have skin problems

If you get acne or eczema that you don't usually get, it is possible that your intestinal environment is disturbed. There are many summer skin problems, such as heat rash caused by sweating in the intense heat, and rough skin caused by mosquito and other insect bites.

There is a strong relationship between the intestinal environment and skin diseases, so if you notice any discomfort in your skin, you should suspect intestinal fatigue.

5.I drink a lot of alcohol

During the hot season, there will probably be more opportunities to drink ice-cold beer.

Have a toast with close friends at a barbecue or leisure destination, or stop by a beer garden after work.

When you enjoy drinking alcohol, you end up drinking all the time instead of eating it, making it difficult to maintain a balanced diet.

Additionally, alcohol has a diuretic effect, so it is easy to become dehydrated, but it is difficult to stay hydrated while drinking alcohol, and you may find yourself dehydrated without even realizing it.

beer image

If these five points apply to you, you may be suffering from summer intestinal fatigue.

What should I do if I get intestinal fatigue?

So what should you do if you think you might have intestinal fatigue? Here's how to give your gut a break and recover.

1. Warm your intestines with warm drinks

There's no need to force yourself to eat. First of all, be sure to maintain adequate hydration.

It restores intestinal function and restores normal digestive function.
Cold water cools the intestines and slows down their movements, so we recommend using warm water.

We recommend mixing 1 packet (3g) of Kestose in hot water. The hot water has a slightly sweet and gentle taste, which feeds the good bacteria in the intestines and helps the intestines recover.

2, Take dietary fiber

After relaxing your intestines with the hot water mentioned above, let's give energy to the good bacteria in your intestines.

Be sure to incorporate water-soluble dietary fiber, which is the main food source for good bacteria.

Foods high in soluble dietary fiber
・Grains such as barley

3. Get enough sleep

The function of intestinal bacteria and sleep are closely related.

It seems that intestinal bacteria are most active during the night when the parasympathetic nervous system is dominant.

Therefore, it is important to sleep at the right time. By doing so, hormones such as serotonin, which makes you feel happy, and dopamine, which makes you feel motivated, are also produced, and from a mental perspective, it prevents summer fatigue and intestinal fatigue, such as lack of motivation due to summer fatigue.

When the heat continues, your body cannot keep up with the changes in the climate, your appetite decreases, and not only your body but also your intestines become tired.

If you meet the five checkpoints I introduced, you may have intestinal fatigue or intestinal fatigue due to summer fatigue.

The method to recover from intestinal fatigue can also help prevent intestinal fatigue, so even if you think you are still okay, please try incorporating it into your summer lifestyle.

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