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What is Kestos?

Kestose is a trisaccharide oligosaccharide in which one molecule of fructose is attached to sucrose, and it is also present in everyday foods such as onions and rye. This carbohydrate has a sweet taste, is highly water soluble, and has excellent heat resistance. This makes it easier to use during food processing. Kestose is indigestible and has the property of being transported into the intestine undigested and utilized by intestinal bacteria.
Kestose is said to have an intestinal regulating effect, and ingesting it has been shown to increase the number of beneficial bacteria* in the intestines.

*Classification of intestinal bacteria

It is said that there are over 1,000 trillion bacteria of approximately 30,000 species in the human intestine, and they can be broadly divided into three categories.
Beneficial bacteria : Bacteria that have a positive effect on the body.
Opportunistic bacteria : Bacteria that behave depending on whether beneficial bacteria or pathogenic bacteria are dominant.
Pathogenic bacteria (bad bacteria) : Bacteria that have a negative effect on the body.

*The above does not indicate the effectiveness or efficacy of a specific product.

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