I tried drinking kestose, a prebiotic material that is a type of oligosaccharide [1]


What is Kestos?

Kestose is a carbohydrate found in onions and asparagus, and is a prebiotic material.
Prebiotics are
It has food components that 1) are not broken down and absorbed in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract, 2) serve as a nutritional source for beneficial bacteria in the large intestine and promote their growth, and 3) improve and maintain a healthy balance of the intestinal flora composition in the large intestine.
In other words, prebiotics are food ingredients that activate intestinal bacteria and contribute to health.
If you do some research, you'll find many explanations with difficult phrases, but it's all about getting your intestines in order and becoming healthy!
That seems to be the case.
I had the opportunity to hear from Professor Tochio, who is working hard to research and popularize Kestos, and he gave a very detailed explanation...
In the end, he said, ``For now, just drink Kestose.''
Thats how its going to be.
Although it may make you feel better, it does not seem to have any negative effects on your body.
If so, I was told that my intestines may become too active and cause my stomach to drop.
In that case, it seems to be okay if you reduce the amount you take in a little.

I'll try eating it anyway

Since I found out that it wouldn't cause any particular harm to my body, I decided to try it without thinking about anything difficult.
The particles are coarse and have a rough texture. It's slightly sweet, but it's a little difficult to eat as it is.

I added the recommended 3g per day to yogurt and ate it every morning.
It has a gentle sweetness and is easy to incorporate into your daily diet like sugar.
The modest sweetness didn't bother me even when I added it to sweetened yogurt.
If you just mix it quickly, it won't dissolve, so the grains will be a little crunchy. If you are concerned about it, mix it well and it will dissolve.

By the way, I (in my 40s) don't have any major health problems at the moment.
However, I have been dealing with the following symptoms for a long time, although they are not severe.

・Hay fever, allergic conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, high bad cholesterol levels

To a certain doctor,
"You can relieve the symptoms with medicine, but it's not a cure, so you just have to live with it."
So I stopped going to the hospital.
The only thing I haven't received treatment for is bad cholesterol.
Dr. Tochio said, ``It's obvious that cholesterol levels will go down, so there's not much to explain.''
I was surprised and thought to myself, ``It's obvious !? '' But as someone who comes from a high-cholesterol family, my grandmother, who ate super healthy meals, also had high cholesterol levels, and my mother was also prescribed medication to lower cholesterol levels. I can't!
Now, will there be any changes in my body?

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